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Where can I buy a duplicate Hong Kong Baptist University degree?

duplicate Hong Kong Baptist University degree

Where can I buy a duplicate Hong Kong Baptist University degree?
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Hong Kong Baptist University (HKBU) is a publicly funded higher education institution with a Christian education tradition. With the support of the American Baptist Church, the Hong Kong Baptist College was established, which provided the school with operating and construction funds and personnel in the early years. It became a public university in 1983.
In 1994, when Dr. Xie Zhiwei, LLD, GBS, CBE, JP served as the president, he changed its name to Hong Kong Baptist University. He succeeded the founding president Dr. Lin Zhifeng as the second president and graduated in 1971. After serving the university for 30 years, Dr. Zhiwei Xie retired in 2001 and GBS Professor Qinghui Wu was appointed as the third president of the university. In 2010, Professor Chen Xinzhi became the fourth president of HKBU. In 2015, Professor Roland Chin was appointed as the fifth principal of HKBU.
HKBU has five main campuses: He Shankeng Campus (1966), Shaw Campus (1995), Baptist University Road Campus (1998), Kai Tak Campus (2005) and Shimen Campus (2006). School of Education and Hong Kong Baptist University affiliated school Huang Jinhui Primary and Secondary School. The first three campuses are located in Kowloon Tsai, the heart of the urban area, while the Kai Tak campus is located on Kwun Tong Road and at Shimen Station near Sha Tin District, Shimen District of Shimen Campus.
In 2005, the university established the Beijing Normal University-Hong Kong Baptist University United International College (UIC) Zhuhai, China. The college is the first higher education institution established in cooperation between a mainland university and the University of Hong Kong.