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How to achieve duplicate diploma of Grand Canyon University

 duplicate diploma of Grand Canyon University

How to achieve duplicate diploma of Grand Canyon University
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Grand Canyon University (GCU) is a private for-profit Christian university in Phoenix, Arizona. Based on enrollment, Grand Canyon University was the world's largest Christian university in 2018, with 20,000 students and 70,000 online students.
The Grand Canyon was founded by the Southern Arizona Baptist Church in Prescott, Arizona on August 1, 1949, formerly known as the Grand Canyon College. From 1999 to 2000, the university terminated its affiliation with the Southern Baptist Convention. Suffering financial and other difficulties in the early 21st century, the school’s trustee authorized its sale to California-based Significant Education LLC in January 2004, making it the first for-profit Christian college in the United States. After the purchase, this university became the first and only for-profit college athletics to participate in NCAA Division I. In 2018, the university was approved by its regional accreditation agency, the Internal Revenue Service and the Arizona Board of Private Higher Education to restore it to a non-profit status. However, the U.S. Department of Education rejected the university’s request to reclassify it as a non-profit organization and continued to classify the university as a for-profit university. University operations directly cooperates with the for-profit public company Grand Canyon Education, Inc. (formerly Major Education) to provide bundled services for university operations. University President Brian Mueller also serves as Chief Executive Officer of Grand Canyon Education.