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How to Create duplicate Coquitlam College Diploma Certificate?

duplicate Coquitlam College Diploma Certificate

How to Create duplicate Coquitlam College Diploma Certificate?
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Coquitlam College is a private degree-granting institution in Coquitlam, British Columbia. Founded in 1982 and authorized by the British Columbia Ministry of Higher Education, Coquitlam College offers the following courses in accordance with the Degree Authorization Act: university transfer courses, associate degree courses in liberal arts, advanced high school courses and English studies courses.
Founded in 1982, Coquitlam College is an international college. It initially offered high school and first-year and second-year studies in colleges, but in 1986 it added formal English studies courses. In 1991, Coquitlam College became the first private university to be added to the BC Car Exchange Guide, supervised by BCCAT, to promote the transfer of credits between post-secondary educational institutions. In 2013, Coquitlam College was authorized[7] to provide an associate degree in liberal arts. In 2018, the main campus of Coquitlam was connected to the middle school district in Surrey, British Columbia.
Coquitlam College is named after its suburb.