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Coquitlam College degree

The main campus of Coquitlam is within walking distance of the Lougheed city centre light rail station near the border of Burnaby/Coquitlam suburbs in Greater Vancouver.
Surrey Satellite Campus-Located near the King George Light Rail Station in Surrey, British Columbia, Greater Vancouver.
Founded in 1982, Coquitlam College is an international college. It initially offered high school and university first and second years of study, but in 1986 it added formal English studies courses. In 1991, Coquitlam College was one of the first batch of private schools to add a university to the BC Transfer Guide. This is an initiative supervised by BCCAT to promote the transfer of course credits between higher education institutions. In 2013, Coquitlam College was authorized[7] to provide a Bachelor of Arts degree. In 2018, the main campus in Coquitlam merged with a secondary school campus in Surrey, British Columbia.
Coquitlam College is named after its suburb.