Can I buy a duplicate Centennial College diploma?

 duplicate Centennial College diploma

Can I buy a duplicate Centennial College diploma?
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Centennial College was the first university opened in Ontario during the formation of the Ontario public university system in the 1960s. The Ontario College of Applied Arts and Technology was established on May 21, 1965, headed by Hon. Secretary of Education William Davis (William Davis). The system has been developed to cover 24 public universities and provide services to 200 communities across the province.
As the first site of Centennial College, the Worden Woods campus opened on October 17, 1966, and 514 students enrolled in 16 career-oriented courses, including journalism, secretarial science, and early childhood education. The campus uses a decommissioned federal building that has been renovated and can be used as a teaching institution. Over the years, it has continued to grow and develop, including health/nutrition, hospitality, children's learning and community service programs. In 1973, the Ontario government transferred responsibility for nursing education from the province’s hospitals to its universities. Locally, the Scarborough area and the Toronto Eastern General Nursing School joined Centennial College and established the School of Health Sciences at the Warden Woods campus.
In 1992, the Scarborough Education Committee and the College established the Adult Education Center, Scarborough Career Planning Center in Centennial College. In 1994, the entity agreed to establish a center in the center starting in the fall of that year.
Centennial College has developed rapidly, so it is necessary to build more campuses at the east end of Toronto to accommodate new courses and students. The Warden Woods campus closed in the fall of 2004 and was demolished to pave the way for housing development. Most of the plans were moved to the Centennial Science and Technology Center (now the Morningside Campus), which began operations in the same year.