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Why not to take a duplicate Bucknell University Diploma online?

duplicate Bucknell University Diploma

Why not to take a duplicate Bucknell University Diploma online?
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Bucknell was founded in 1846 as the University of Louisbourg, and traced its origins to a group of Baptists from the White Hart Valley Baptist Church who believed that there was "ideal a literary institution that should be established in central Pennsylvania, ushering in high school men Students, another for women, a university, and also a seminary."
In 1845, the group’s efforts for the institution began to materialize when Stephen William Taylor, a professor at Hamilton-Madison University (now Colgate University) in New York, was asked to prepare a charter and Acting as the general agent for the development of the university. The constitution of Lewisburg University was granted by the Pennsylvania State Assembly and approved by the governor on February 5, 1846. It contains a provision to raise $100,000 before the new institution obtains full corporate status (today For US$2,900,000). In the end, more than 4,000 subscribers donated, including a little boy who gave 12 cents (today it was 3 dollars).
In 1846, the "University Preparatory Course" opened in the basement of the First Baptist Church in Lewisburg. It was originally called Lewisburg High School, and in 1848 it became the academic and elementary school of Lewisburg University.
In 1850, the department moved into the first building built on campus, now called Taylor Hall. The building cost $8,000 ($250,000 today) and was a research center for women and men until the Women's Institute was opened in 1852. When studying together, women must face east and men face west.
The school's first graduation ceremony was held on August 20, 1851. There were seven students in the graduating class. The board members present at the meeting included James Buchanan, who will become the 15th President of the United States. Stephen Taylor presided over the final scene before he became president of Madison University. A day ago, the trustee elected Howard Malcolm as the first president of the university, and he served for six years.