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Where to purchase a duplicate Algonquin College degree?

duplicate Algonquin College degree

Where to purchase a duplicate Algonquin College degree?
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The college was established in 1967 during the formation of the Ontario College System. The College of Applied Arts and Technology was established on May 21, 1965, when the Ontario Public College System was established. The founding institutions are Eastern Ontario Institute of Technology (founded in 1957) and Ontario Career Center Ottawa (founded on the Woodrove campus in 1965, known as OVC). The original 8-acre land on Woodrove Avenue was donated to the city by Frank Ryan and his wife.
Ottawa Architects of Burgess, McLean & MacPhadyen designed the academic complex in the mid-century, with open blocks alternately facing long glass areas, forming a semi-arched structure that constitutes curtain walls and prefabricated aggregate panels. In the early 1960s, corporate campuses or modernist academic castles were all over North America. The entrance is through a deeply sunken terrace with small white tiles and old-fashioned can lights hanging from the terrace. The long wall was knocked out to float on the foundation. Basic planting prevents the block from appearing rigid.
The first principal of the Ontario Career Center (OVC) was Kenneth G. Shoultz. Principal Schultz served as the head of OVC in 1965 after serving as a technical research teacher, and then as an inspector for the Ontario Ministry of Education. After the merger of OVC and Algonquin College in 1967, KG Shoultz continued to serve as the first dean of the technology center.
Algonquin College is named after the aboriginal people of Algonquin, who are the original inhabitants of the area.