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Buy a copy Delta State University, Delta State University degree, Delta State University diploma

 Delta State University degree

Buy a copy Delta State University, Delta State University degree, Delta State University diploma
This school was established by Mississippi in 1924 and uses the facilities of the former Bolivar County Agricultural High School, which consists of three buildings in Cleveland. On February 19, 1924, Senator William B. Roberts and Arthur Marshall co-sponsored Senate Bill 236, which established Delta State Teachers College, and Mississippi Governor Henry L. Whitfield on April 9, 1924 Signed; the bill was initiated by Nellie Nugent Somerville in the Mississippi House of Representatives, she was the first woman in the Mississippi legislature. The three buildings are the administrative and teaching building Hill Hall, the male dormitory Hardee Hall and the female dormitory Taylor Hall.
On February 14, 1924, James Wesley Broom (James Wesley Broom) was appointed dean of the college, and the college opened on September 15, 1925. In May 1926, Bloom died of complications from an ear infection. William Zeiger was appointed his successor. The seal of the college was designed in 1928 as an art class project.
The Second World War greatly affected the college. It is expected that by the war of 1941, the academy created a civilian pilot training program. When the war began, 254 Delta State University students joined the armed forces. After the war, the student enrollment at Delta State University increased from 185 to 483, thanks to the Federal Veterans Program, the GI Act, to encourage education.
During the Delta Committee meeting in 1947, Dean Acheson (Deputy Secretary of State in the Truman Administration) gave a speech on campus, unveiling the Marshall Plan. He detailed the post-war rescue and investment plans in Europe to help these countries recover from the destruction.