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Project Management Institute University Diploma,

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copy Project Management Institute University Diploma,
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In the 1960s, the US aerospace, construction, and defense industries began to use this type of project management. The School of Project Management was founded in Georgia by Ned Engman (McDonnel Douglas Automation), James Snyder, Susan Gallagher (SmithKline & French Laboratories), Eric Jenett (Brown & Root) and J Gordon Davis (Georgia Institute of Technology)[9]1969 Established as a non-profit organization in It was incorporated in Pennsylvania in the same year. PMI described its goal in 1975 as "promoting awareness of the need for project management specialization; providing a forum for free exchange of project management issues, solutions, and applications; coordinating industrial and academic research work; developing general terminology and technology to improve Communication; provide an interface between users and suppliers of hardware and software systems; and provide guidance for guidance and career development in the field of project management."
In the 1970s, standardization work accounted for 10% to 15% of the institute's work. These functions are performed through the Professional Liaison Committee, which convenes and coordinates technical, research policy, and education committees. The institute participates in national activities through the American National Standards Committee XK 36.3, and participates in international activities through liaison with designated observers of the European International Project Management Association (then called INTERNET). PMI does not deal directly with the US federal government; some of its members are federal employees of agencies involved in project management.