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How to get a Chinese University of Hong Kong certificate in Hong Kong?

 Chinese University of Hong Kong certificate

How to get a Chinese University of Hong Kong certificate in Hong Kong?
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In June 1959, the Hong Kong government expressed its intention to establish a new university with Chinese as the language of instruction. In the same year, the "Post-secondary Colleges Regulations" announced the provision of government funding and official recognition for New Asia College, Chung Chi College and Union College, hoping that the money "enables them to raise the standard to a level they may be eligible for. University status, It may be on the basis of the federation." The regulations were promulgated on May 19, 1960.
The Chinese University Preparatory Committee was established in June 1961 to make recommendations to the government on possible locations for new universities. In May of the following year, the Fulton Committee was established to assess the suitability of the three government-funded tertiary colleges to become constituent colleges of the new university. The committee, headed by the newly established Vice-Chancellor of the University of Sussex, John Fulton, visited Hong Kong in the summer and presented an interim report recommending the establishment of a federal university consisting of three colleges.
The report of the Fulton Committee was submitted to the Legislative Council in June 1963, and the "Chinese University of Hong Kong Ordinance" was passed in September of the same year. The school was officially inaugurated in a ceremony held in the City Hall on October 17, 1963, presided over by the founding principal Sir Robert Brown Black. The following year, Dr. Li Zuming was appointed as the first president of the university. The university was originally composed of the Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Science, and Faculty of Social Sciences. Construction of the new campus in Malacca starts on-site. The area where Chung Chi College has been established provides new facilities for the central administrative department and the relocated Xinya and Union College.