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Where to Buy Canterbury Christ Church University premium Certificate

Canterbury Christ Church University  Certificate

After the university purchased the previous Canterbury Prison site in April 2014, the university reviewed the entire heritage to ensure it met the university’s strategic and academic vision.
In April 2017, the Canterbury City Council approved the university's plan for a new art building on the North Holmes campus. From January 2019, the new building provides students with the most advanced learning space and technology.
In December 2017, a plan for a new building in science, engineering, technology and health was approved. The construction project received 6 million pounds of funding from the British government and 7 million pounds from the British Higher Education Funding Council. The new building will open in 2020 and will be the location of the University’s Kent and Medway Engineering, Design, Growth and Enterprise (EDGE) centers and new courses in biomedical engineering, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, product design and software engineering. It will also provide space for teaching at the University of Kent and Medway Medical School, a joint initiative initiated with the University of Kent. The medical school will also open in 2020.