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How to buy Sheffield Hallam university acadmeic transcript from UK?

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The school currently has a total of more than 35,000 students, teaching staff of 4100 people, from 120 countries,
more than 3,000 international students. 
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The main academic programs offered by Sheffield Haarlem University 
include business, computer and management science, architecture, cultural studies, education, engineering,
engineering information technology, financial research and law, making 
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metropolitan With more than 600 courses such as local studies. All courses are highly biased towards occupations,
emphasizing work experience as part of the learning process. In fact, the school offers the most sandwich courses
for Europe, which is arranged for students to work for the appropriate employer for a while. The UK Research
Assessment Exercise (RAE) is an authoritative assessment of the level of scientific research in various disciplines
in the UK. In the 2001 RAE assessment, a number of research centers in our school received RAE's highest
five-star rating, and the total score was tied for first place in modern universities. Our research is oriented to
market demand, for multinational companies, government agencies and local business organizations.  

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Sheffield Hallam university official transcript, Due to the consistent sensitivity to market and social needs,
career development projects and lifelong education programs are renowned for their outstanding employment record.

Sheffield Hallam University