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The Royal Society for urban planning (RTPI) is represented by major institutional planning professionals in the UK and Ireland. It promotes and develops policies that affect planning and the built environment. The Institute was founded in 1914 and was awarded the Royal Charter in 1959. In 2018, the Institute reported more than 25000 members. Follow housing, urban planning, etc.
To meet the complex challenges of urban development, planners must know how to work with other professionals. This course gives you the ability to develop sensitive planning and creative design, taking into account financial and practical issues related to real estate development.
This course will develop your skills in urban design, planning and urban development. You will study the UK's urban experience as well as Fast Urbanizing Asian and African cities. The course draws on the main teaching and research of the University, combining the professional knowledge of urban design in the school of architecture and the professional knowledge of international planning in the Department of urban research and planning. At the same time, the course is recognized as a professional planning program by the Royal Urban Planning Institute (RTPI).
Urban planning in the UK
Major 2: Ma Town and regional planning
Planning and investing has never been so important in the space where we live and work. An authoritative master's degree from one of the UK's top planning schools can help you and have a positive impact. The one-year master's program approved by the Royal College of urban planning (RTPI) will help you start planning.
This course explores the factors that affect urban and rural areas. We will show you how to use research in decision-making and evaluation. You will develop research and design skills and specialize in planning.