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Which is better in the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge?

Which is better in the University of Oxford and University of Cambridge?
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Compare Oxford University with University of Cambridge,
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Oxford is a textbook-like existence in art, literature, political management, humanities and social sciences. 
It can be said that Oxford's undergraduate PPE (philosophy, political science, economics) is the most forcing
 profession in the world.Oxford controls the entire United Kingdom and builds the British rule in Africa, 
the Middle East and the Crown. Numerous prime ministers, cabinet ministers, governors, and secretary of state
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On the other hand, Cambridge has the best professors and researchers in physics, chemistry, mathematics, 
astrophysics, economics, life and applied sciences, and has achieved countless achievements. Because the
 early nominations for the Nobel Prize focused on science, Cambridge has an absolute advantage.
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However, this does not prevent Oxford from going out of the famous scientists. Cambridge has also trained many 
outstanding artists, musicians, politicians, historians, theologians and so on.
For law, CA may recommend Oxford or Harvard. Mainly depends on what you want to do after graduation. If you 
plan to work in the UK, India or Europe, Oxford is a better choice. In fact, the modern legal system was formed
 and developed on the basis of the British legal tradition. Bachelor of law in Oxford law is BA instead of LLB. 
Each law course offered in Oxford is qualified to enter the legal practice course (solicitor) or the barrister 
training course (barrister). Oxford law courses focus on English law.
This also explains why: 
Oxford is always the number one classical university in the UK, Europe and even the world.
Cambridge has a total of 118 Nobel Prize winners; Oxford has only 69.
The world's best and most well-known litigator is from Oxford.
Many people think that the scenery of Cambridge may be better than Oxford. Cambridge has many city parks, and 
Oxford is more like a dense and crowded city. The city of Oxford is much larger than Cambridge. Cambridge is a 
university town. If you move away from the university, there is basically nothing left. Oxford is an industrial 
city, but the city centre is full of historic buildings and green spaces.
So is Oxford more famous than Cambridge?
CA believes that if you ask scientists, they will choose Cambridge. But political leaders are far more marketing
 than scientists, and they use Oxford's prestige to add luster to their careers, so this may be why the public 
is more famous in the world for Oxford.
Can you enter the basic threshold of these two famous schools or your A-level!
A-level score requirements
Oxford requires A*A*A, A*AA, AAA
Cambridge requires A*A*A, A*AA
Language score requirements
Oxford requires standardlevel: IELTS total score of 7.0, single item not less than 6.5;
 Higher level: IELTS total score 7.5, single item no less than 7.0
Cambridge requires uniform standards: IELTS total score of 7.5, single item not less than 7.0