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Applying for open British universities in 2019

Applying for open British universities in 2019
University of Warwick
Ranked 54th in the 2019 QS World University, the University of Warwick is known for its strict student selection criteria and high standards of academic research and teaching quality. buy degree of University of Warwick, buy degree of UW,
Warwick Business School is regarded as one of the best business schools in the UK. It ranks among the top 5 in the UK and the top 30 in the world in the business rankings of the United Kingdom and the world, and it is continuing to rise. 
Warwick University has also been ranked in Top 5 in the UK.
Application for admission to school in 2019: end of September, beginning of October
University of Manchester 
The University of Manchester, established in 1824, is one of Britain's six famous “Red Brick Universities” and one of the founding members of Russell University Group, the UK’s “Ivy League”. buy degree of University of Manchester, buy degree of UM,
The Sunday Times commented on the University of Manchester:
“University of Manchester has a respectable reputation in almost all disciplines, with life sciences, engineering, humanities, economics, sociology and social sciences as the most important.”
Application for admission to school in 2019: end of September, beginning of October
Lancaster University
Lancaster University ranks among the top 10 in the United Kingdom in major domestic rankings, with high international reputation and good reputation for teaching quality.
The school boasts the UK's top environmental science department, mathematics department, law school, and Lancaster University Business School, the top 10 business school in the degree of Lancaster University, buy degree of LU
Application for admission to school in 2019: October
University of Sheffield
As a century-old and famous British school, the University of Sheffield is one of the most influential research universities in the UK. It is also a world renowned teaching and research center. buy degree of University of Sheffield, buy degree of US
The University of Sheffield School of Engineering is one of the largest and best engineering schools in the UK.
In addition, the University of Sheffield leads the UK in the fields of medicine, natural sciences, sociology, and arts and humanities.
Application for admission to school in 2019: September
Southampton University
The main campus is located at the University of Southampton in Southampton, where the Titanic sailed. It is a top 1% research university in the world. buy degree of Southampton University, buy degree of SU,
The University of Southampton is the only university in the UK that has received a five-star research rating for every science and engineering department and is recognized as one of the top polytechnic universities in the world.
Application for admission to school in 2019: Early October
Newcastle University
Founded in 1834, Newcastle University is one of the oldest universities in the UK and a member of the Russell Group of Universities of the British Ivy League. buy degree of Newcastle University, buy degree of NU
It has the top medical schools in Europe and is well known in science, engineering, law, humanities and social sciences.
Application for admission to school in 2019: September
East Anglia University
The University of East Anglia is one of the world's 1% elite universities and a member of the famous 1994 university group.
According to the results of the 2017 NSS survey in the United Kingdom, its trump specialty has secured the top three in the UK, including finance, medicine, and marketing. The school business school and the School of Media and Arts have strong academic strength.
Application for admission to school in 2019: September . buy degree of East Anglia University, buy degree of EAU, 
Loughborough University
As a founding member of the British M5 University Alliance and the 1994 League, Loughborough University achieved a fourth place in the 2019 annual ranking of the British University of the Guardian, second only to Oxford, Cambridge and St. Andrews.
Loughborough University has a triple-certified world's top business school. buy degree of Loughborough University, buy degree of LU,
Its sports professional ranks first in the world in history, and the arts and design majors have consistently ranked in the top 40 in the world in QS rankings.
Application for admission to school in 2019: Early October
The following schools have also been open for application for admission for 19 years, but no time has been announced for application.
University of Nottingham
The University of Nottingham is a member of the Russell University Group, a prestigious British union that has an international reputation for teaching and research. buy degree of University of Nottingham, buy degree of UN,
The school has set up five colleges: the School of Engineering, the Academy of Sciences, the School of the Arts, the School of Medicine and Health, and the School of Social Sciences.
The University of Nottingham Law School is world-renowned and one of the UK's top law schools.
Cardiff University
Cardiff University, located in Cardiff, the capital of Wales, is the only Russell university group member in Wales and enjoys 49% of research funding from the Welsh government. buy degree of Cardiff University, buy degree of CU, 
Its business department is in a leading position in the world, public management ranks fourth in the world, and logistics management ranks first in the UK and top five in the world.
The teaching strengths of the School of Journalism and Communication, the School of Medicine, and the School of Architecture are also in first-rate positions in the United Kingdom and around the world.
University of Essex
The University of Essex is mainly known for its academic research and exploration and is therefore known throughout the country. Last year, it was also awarded a gold medal by the Royal Department of Education. buy degree of University of Essex, buy degree of UE
In the United Kingdom's official scientific research level assessment REF, the school's economics, electronic systems engineering, philosophy, politics, accounting, finance and management, law and other disciplines are among the best.
University of Kent
The University of Kent is known as the "European European University" and in many ways is closely linked to other European countries.
Kent's School of Mathematical Statistics is particularly good. It is known for its actuarial expertise. It is one of the few universities in the UK that is exempted from UK actuaries, or is recognized by the industry as the "cradle of British actuaries." buy degree of University of Kent, buy degree of UK. 
University of Reading
The University of Reading is a leading research university in the UK. The main campus is located in an important commercial center and information technology industry cluster in southern England. buy degree of University of Reading, buy degree of UR,
The University of Reading’s Henley School of Business is also one of the few business schools in the United Kingdom to have triple-certification. The College’s real estate and finance-related majors are among the best in the UK.