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How to Get the Abertay University premium Diploma in UK?

 Abertay University  Diploma
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The school has about 5,000 students, of which 17% are from countries outside Europe, such as: China, India, Malaysia, etc. There are four schools in the school: Computer and Innovative Technology, Contemporary Science, Dundee School of Business and Health and Social Sciences. Among them, computer art and computer games are among the best in the world. It is the only school in the UK that is officially authorized to open computer game technology and computer art majors.
Geographical environment
Abertay University of Dundee is located in Dundee. With a population of 143,000, Dundee is well-known in the UK and the world for its diversification and creative industries. At the same time, as an education center city, Dundee is the voice of the city with the highest per capita student rate in the UK, which also brings new vitality to Dundee’s nightlife, entertainment and cultural facilities.
Surrounding trafficedit
Buses from Alloway Halls run every 7 to 8 minutes during the day. You can buy a DaySaver ticket for £2.6 in the car, so you can take the Dundee bus during the day without restrictions. You can also buy a student ticket for 10 weeks for 69 pounds.
Applicable conditionsedit
For those students who do not want to live in the student apartments provided by the school, the residential management office will help you find suitable private rental housing. The allocation of dormitories is that the school has given priority to new students and foreign students coming to Dundee for the first time.